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Benchmarq has an established, complementary service specifying and installing office accessories around the workstation for large corporate fitouts.

We have undertaken fitouts for clients including;


  Benchmarq sells a range of office accessories that are functional and ergonomically designed, to enhance your workspace setting.



Flat screen monitor arms

The sleek and ergonomic design of the flat screen monitor arm gives the user ultimate comfort and flexibility. Fixed to a desk, wall or post, you can push the monitor back, pull it forward or rotate left and right.

wishbone arm

Code: WSH/001/PST/PQR/K
Colour: Silver
Weight: 2.6 KG


Wishbone standard arm with plastic quick release, 400mm post with cable management clip, desk clamp with up to 38mm desk thickness.

Wishbone, the best selling monitor arm in UK, is a design classic. It is a true system arm available in 3 reach lengths which make it the ideal choice for multi-screen applications such as trading floors and control rooms. Wishbone can be installed at different heights to suit different environments, and with Wishbone rotation height adjustments can be made by individual users.

Desk clamp included.

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giselle arm

Code: GLA/011
Colour: Silver
Weight: 2.6 KG


Giselle gas lift arm with plastic quick release, 200mm post with cable management clip, desk clamp with up to 38mm desk thickness.

Giselle is an elegant post-mounted arm that combines strength with ease of movement. Thanks to an internal gas strut, Giselle gives users fingertip control over monitors that weigh up to 8.5Kg, 18.7lb. It is therefore the ideal choice for workspaces occupied by different users such as hot desks and call centres. For slatwall mounting, Giselle can be used, as its horizontal forearm sets a base for screen height.

Desk clamp included.

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rodney arm

Code: SUN/001
Colour: Silver/White/Black
Weight: 2.6 KG


90 mm Min from desk edge Max reach 492 mm Rodney comes equipped with its own cable management system, desk clamp, security features and is available in 3 colours (Black, White, Silver) and all in one package.

This easy to use monitor mount solution is unique in its design and very affordable.
Its ergonomic design offers you complete flexibility to alter the height and reach of your monitor. Its unique swivel monitor head adjusts so that your working position is comfortable and strain free.

Desk clamp included.

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Laptop stand


Colour: Red, White, Yellow, Black
Weight: 1.1 KG

Made from moulded plastic and available in a range of colours, the jellyfish is a stylish addition to any workspace. It has three height adjustments correcting ergonomic problems associated with laptop use.

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CPU holders

Choose from a range of on-floor CPU holders that decrease the clutter in your workspace, while leaving a sleek profile to complement MAC and CPUs.
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